The Netherlands, or Holland is one of the most popular countries in north-western Europe for international students. With some of the world’s finest universities, a modern approach to education, and a welcoming environment, no wonder, Netherlands is one of the most desired study destinations.

You can expect a large community of international students: More than 112,000 students from around the world. Around 16% of all students come from abroad - one of the highest ratios anywhere in Europe.

Dutch universities are among the most innovative and modern institutions in the world and they are famous for their top-notch education at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. A wide array of programs related to engineering, law, business, environment, and energy management are available here. More than 2,100 English taught courses are run by the universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Dutch teaching technique is interactive and student-centric enabling students to develop valuable skills such as analyzing, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Universities in the Netherlands offers help to foreign students to acquire a Dutch student visa and if you get admission to any university, you are guaranteed to receive the visa. After graduating from a Dutch university, you can also apply for a post-study work visa for one year. Some of the world’s largest companies are Dutch and many global groups have their European headquarters in the Netherlands. Paired with the country’s international mindset, you will find a workforce that is highly proficient in English and very welcoming towards foreign employees. Those are pristine conditions for international students. If you graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a Dutch university, you will stand a good chance at also finding a job and staying for a longer time.

Institutes We Represent

1.      University of Amsterdam

2.      Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

3.      The HAGUE University of Applied Sciences

4.      Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

5.      University of Twente

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